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Joining a franchise family is one of the most exciting business ventures an investor can pursue.

What makes it exciting is that a typical start up business has a 75% chance of failing, where a franchised business has less than a 15% chance of failure. Franchise is the way to go when pursuing your dream.

Of the many processes involved with a typical franchise venture, the real estate portion can be the least understood, and the most intimidating. Even if you are familiar with commercial real estate, handling your own site selection and/or negotiation will leave you paying too much for your lease, not to mention potential incentives (i.e., landlord paying for some or all of your build-out/site prep). From build-out contributions to free rent, we'll make sure you get the best opportunity possible. All at no cost to you!

Services for Franchisees

  • Market Research & Analysis
    Whether you've decided where to open your franchise, or you're still looking for the perfect community, our Research Team will compile the essential data necessary (demographics, competition, traffic counts, etc.) to help you make such an important decision, which will then be analyzed by your Franchise Real Estate Broker. Your Broker will then contact you to discuss the information, assisting you with your final decision.
  • Site Selection
    Once you've decided on the best market for you and your franchise, the next step is to find the right location. There are several factors to consider during this step and we'll make sure your final selection has passed all the litmus tests. We'll scour our listing databases and present you with the best options suitable for your concept, then contact the landlords and/or listing agents for your locations of interest to gather facts and details, presenting you with our findings.
  • Lease & Purchase Negotiations
    This is where you really start to see the benefits of working with Franchise Real Estate. Negotiations can be stressful and lengthy, so you need to make sure that you are being represented by a broker with experience and confidence. Our brokers have plenty of both, not to mention the right amount of tenacity to ensure you walk away from the table satisfied.

    We will work with your future landlord to get you as much free rent and build-out contribution as possible, as well as work hard to try to obtain below market rents, all while being fair with your landlord to assure a good long term relationship.

Franchisee FAQs

Why should I work with a Broker? I can do my own lease...

  1. Because you have nothing to lose. Our services cost you nothing. That’s right – working with Franchise Real Estate is free. We get paid by the Landlord and it will not affect your lease rate in any way.
  2. This is all that we do every day – and we do it well. We know the ins-and-outs of the leasing process, focusing on the points that are most important to a Franchisee.
  3. Because your time will be better spent focusing on the other processes involved with starting your business. The leasing process can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming. So, why not let a professional handle it? Starting a franchise is enough work in and of itself, so spend your time doing that while we take care of the real estate for you.

Why should I work with a Broker that isn’t located in my chosen market?

We have access to the same listings and information that a local broker has. What they don’t have though, is the brand knowledge and experience that Franchise Real Estate has. We know the specifics of your build-out and we understand your customer-base more thoroughly. Secondly, we have access to the most landlords and developers – there is a great chance we know of new locations that a local broker has no knowledge of. And we are in it for the long run. We are there four years from now when it is time to negotiate a renewal for your location-all included as our client.