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Providing real estate services for franchisees will aid in the rapid growth of a brand. Working with a dedicated real estate team will take the guesswork out of market/site selection and will streamline the expansion process, allowing a franchisor to focus more on operations, finances, and brand strategy.

In addition, Franchise Real Estate can be the "easy button" for a prospect looking at your franchise and can actually aid in the selling process of your brand. We can continually motivate a prospect to keep the ball rolling and remind the prospect of the excitement of operating one of your franchise systems. We help remind the prospect of the dream, and aid in the sale!

Create a real estate department for your growing brand

Working with a preferred brokerage, in essence, establishes a previously non-existent real estate department for your franchisees. We will get involved at the base level of your organization to fully understand your goals, business model, and franchisees.

Providing access to real estate professionals who are thoroughly familiar with your concept not only provides peace of mind to you and your franchisees, it ensures that brand standards are achieved.

Franchisor FAQs

Why shouldn’t our Franchisees work with a local Broker?

We have the same access to commercial real estate listings that the local Broker does. What they don’t have though, is the brand knowledge and experience that Franchise Real Estate has. We know the specifics of your build-outs, we understand your customer-base more thoroughly, and we are in it for the long run—not just one deal.

What do you know about our brand?

Before Franchise Real Estate starts working with Franchisees, we will meet with your staff to learn everything about the concept, goals, and history that makes your company unique.

How Does Franchise Real Estate get paid? Why should I work with a Broker? I can do my own lease...

  1. Because you have nothing to lose. Our services cost you nothing. That’s right — working with Franchise Real Estate is a no cost service to you. We get paid by the Landlord.
  2. This is all that we do every day — and we do it well. We know the ins-and-outs of the leasing process, focusing on the points that are most important to a Franchisee.
  3. Because your time will be better spent focusing on the other processes involved with starting your business. The leasing process can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming. So, why not let a professional handle it? Starting a franchise is enough work in and of itself, so spend your time doing that while we take care of the real estate for you.

Preferred brokerage for

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